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Hong Kong

Please read our terms before using HyXen Technology Go., Ltd (hereinafter refer as the Company). The Company's terms of service acceptance means you fully agreed with the terms of service and exclusion of all other terms. If these provisions are deem to be the company's proposal, they are accepted limited to these terms.

Unless otherwise identify, every webpages and URL on the page (hereinafter refer to website) are operated and owned by the Company. Application developers (hereinafter refer to user) will follow below terms of service. The Company will provide service according to terms of service To buy and to sell the service involved advertiser (or mobile advertiser agencies) and application developers. Campaign details please refer to website. Advertising content (hereinafter refer as service) are created by users. The Company may change, suspend user access at any time, including providing features, advertising, publishing or content. When the user after receipt of the notification continue to use the service, that constitutes the user accepts the revised terms. The company guarantees to users, users over the age of at least 18 individuals or legal entities. Users ensure that their legitimate use the service and access the site, and you assume full responsibility for the selection and use of the service. The terms of services where prohibited by law invalid, in this jurisdiction access to the site will be revoked.


User guarantees, states and agree not to use the services or related services publish, submit or provide any publication, submit or provide occupation, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, and offensive or any other content that violates any law or the rights of third parties. Users may not on their own shall not authorize or encourage any third party to produce to show fraud or fraudulent clicks on an ad, including, but not limited to, through repeated manual clicks, the use of spiders or other automated query tools and / or computer generated search requests, and / or fraudulent use of other search engine optimization services and / or software. The Company reserves the right at any time for any reason (including but not limited to, receipt of third party or an official complaint or charge about such content or allegations, or if the Company believes that the user may violate the provisions of this clause), or according to the terms " termination " provisions, do not need any reason to remove any content on the site, or termination of the right to use the service or access the website. The user should be responsible for all activities related to the service and access the site. Users may not post or send, or cause to post or send any message or plan or intent to seek to obtain any the Company user’s password, account, or private information. Users should not use any part of the site or service, to commit violation of computer network security, crack passwords or security encryption codes, transfer or storage is considered a threat, or obscene material, or engage in illegal activities in any form. User should not user any part of the site or service to execute Maillist, Listserv, any form of email auto-reply or spam, or when the users is not logged in, to execute or activate any program.


User can list asset, but does not include mobile web, application or device platform (hereinafter refer as mobile asset), and make it available for advertising use. User authorizes the Company to access, indexing and caching user action asset demand for services, including through automated methods.

【Only communicate with The Company】

User agrees, according to situation, user will directly contact the Company when there is any problem using our service, instead of contacting advertiser, advertising agencies, or other application developers. Limited to the above , the user can not initiate any communication in any form , encourage , incite , induce , transfer , encouraging the company's advertisers, advertising agencies or application developer pulled out of the company's business or patronage, if thus causing this corporate losses , user liable.


All through the website or services or the execution or display material accessible (including but not limited to text , graphics , articles, photographs, images , graphics, audio clips and video clips, also known as the "Content" ) are protected by copyright. In particular, the words "content" as used herein includes any advertising advertisers and website providing or submitting or other content, or any application or other content developers and application developers related parties issued . Users should comply with all copyright, information and restrictions on access to service-related content. Users understand and agree that if the user uses any service provided or create content , the Company granted a non-exclusive , worldwide , tax-free , transferable right , in order to utilize these services, and website content (including all related intellectual property rights ) and allow others to do so. Within the scope permitted by law, and all such rights, including infringement of relationship, honesty, expose and revocation as well as any other right or may be referred to as “moral rights." Users to a certain extent retained in accordance with applicable law of any moral rights , the user granted the Company to take any action against these moral rights , and agree not to assert any moral rights.


Users understand and agree that the Company does not have any special relationship with the user or the user has a fiduciary duty , the company does not control the following matters and has no obligation to take any action : which users access the site , or services; users through its website or what service access or receive ; other users can provide , publish or which service-related promotional content ; anything could have any effect on the user ; the user how to interpret , view or use the content ; users may therefore what action to have been exposed to the elements, or whether to display content associated with the service is correct. User completely understand and agree that the Company will not control (only a passive middleman) submitted by any advertiser or publish any content for users to determine whether the contents of the user or whether the user can be accepted fully responsible (and assume all responsibility and risk).

Users exempt the company in any way with the acquisition of the user's (or not available), provided that all responsibility for the use or the content of the website or other service-related activities. Site may contain, or redirect to some websites, that some people may find offensive or inappropriate. The Company does not maintain any content website or any content or services contained or services accessed through its website, the accuracy of the company is not responsible or liable for the content of the site or service, compliance with copyright requirements, or strict legality material and other liability. The Company does not guarantee any level of ad impressions or click-through rate, or delivery time impressions and / or CTR.

Services, content and website is "AS IS " , WITHOUT having any form of warranty, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability , fitness for a particular purpose or non- infringement. The company does not guarantee the results of the service, including but not limited to, the results of any campaign, and user assumes all risk and liability.

The Company does not guarantee the Website or any link to a site, or through any use of the services of any confidential information or privacy communication or delivery. The Company does not undertake any e-mail address, telephone number or communication device , registration and identifiable information , disk space , communications , confidential or trade secret information , or any other storage device in its website and accessed by content streamed through the Internet or privacy liability when users use other sites or other site services.

【Registration and security】

The condition to use the service, user might need to register an account, choose a password, and then enter an e-mail address (the Company user’s account). User should provide correct, completed, and up to date registration information. Otherwise constitute violation of these Terms of Service, may result in the immediate termination of user accounts. Users may not :

  • Select or intent to use the name of others to imitate as the company's user accounts ;
  • Use not obtained the proper authorization to other users of the company's name as the user account.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to register or cancel the company's user account. The user should be responsible for the confidentiality of the Company user’s password.

【Device and ancillary services】

Users should be responsible for obtaining and maintaining any equipment or ancillary services, connected and/or access the site or otherwise using the Service , including but not limited to , hardware devices , software and other Internet , wireless , broadband , telephone or other communication device access. Users should be responsible for ensuring the equipment or ancillary services and websites are compatible with any service , users should be responsible for all costs associated with these devices and ancillary services are derived , including the receipt of any call , and / or send and receive messages or related notice costs.


Users protect and preserve of the Company, its parent, subsidiaries , related companies , and any third-party claims against the manager and staff due to the following reasons , including costs and attorneys' fees : user access to sites that use the service , user violates the terms of service , or your user account that you constitute infringement or violation , and violations of any individual or entity , or other intellectual property rights.

【Limitation of liability】

Under all circumstances, the Company website and service responsibilities:

  • Total amount will not exceed user’s paid amount
  • No indirect, incidental, punitive or inevitable loss of any kind

【Fee and Payment】

Some services require payment. The Company reserves the right to change the price, as well as implementation of the new fees at any way, related to the information will be sent via e-mail or bulletin on the website to inform users in advance. Users should receive advertising net income associated with the part of the advertising, its services depends entirely on the company.

" Net income " refers to income actually received from AdLocus sales , use or other display ads on the app developers asset allocation operations deduct sales , deduct taxes , deduct any agent commission , transport and / or partner costs and deduct any actual benefits or profits , cash discounts or promotional allowance , but does not include other indirect income , if applicable, consulting, planning and targeting , copywriting , Web hosting , account management or technical support from time to time or research development, fees charged for AdLocus’s third party I.T. team.

Net income received by users , should be confirmed on the first Monday of each calendar month, user’s income is accumulated 30 days or more than 30 days, and will payable to user. Only when the user's income is greater than or equal to the balance of 1000 NTD, the Company will pay the money to the user. If the income balances less than 1000 NTD, user will wait until the first Monday on next calendar month when accumulated balance is greater than 1000NTD. In addition, users agree the Company will pay to users only after the full payment is collected from advertiser and/or agency, buy payment date will not later than 3 months after service.

If the Company does not receive complete payment from this kind of advertisers or agencies, the Company has no obligation to make payment to the users, while the user also exempted the payment obligation to the Company. If advertisers and/or agencies do not make payment, but the Company make payment to the users, users agree that the Company shall be entitled to deduct the amount paid from next payment to user. If the user raises any service payment objection, the user must notify the Company within 30 days in writing. If users do not notify the Company within 30 days, users are forgo any payment dispute requests. Payment are solely based on the Company record. The company does not accept any other measurements or statistics of any kind or under the terms of service.

The Company is not responsible for any payment based on the following :

  • The company's reasonable judgment , by any person , automatically find any fraud show spiders , automated program or similar device produced , or produce the same scam to appear on any advertising ;
  • Demonstrate a mixture of the above item (i) described a significant number of fraudulent impressions or fraudulent clicking ; or
  • The users in violation of the Terms of Service.

To ensure proper payment, the user has full responsibilities for providing and maintaining user accounts associated with the user account and the Company’s account correct contact information and payment information. User agrees to pay all due taxes or fees levied by using the service of any government agency.

【Intellectual Property Rights】

Under all circumstances, users cannot decode, decrypt or reverse engineering SDK or other intellectual property rights held by AdLocus. Decode, decrypt and reverser engineering includes but not limited to:

  • Change machine-readable form to human-readable form;
  • Decode or decompose AdLocus ownership, and change machine-related or machine-non-related code to human-readable source code or equal values;
  • Inspect and control AdLocus ownership to operate and translate to source code or similar values that is readable by machine, for example, learning massive input to AdLocus ownership; or
  • Reverse engineering, decode or decrypt AdLocus ownership.

【Other policy】

In the process of using the Site or Services , the user may be required to provide certain personal data to the Company ( hereinafter referred to as such information as " User Information" ) . Company information collection and use policies with respect to user information contained in the site 's privacy policy , which is incorporated herein by reference are in use . Users understand and agree that the user solely responsible for the correctness of the user information and content. The Company cannot and does not guarantee the security of any information during online transmission.

If users think the website or content in service or content or via website or content stored in service or content infringe user’s Copyright, please review the Copyright dispute policy page.


AdLocus will notify in all ways when terminating the service. If users violate any terms under term of services, the Company can suspend and terminate user’s service and accessibility to the website, without prior notification nor hold any obligation. According to term of services, any payment paid are non-refundable and non-cancelable. User’s account and service are immediately ceased, user will remove the Company codes from user’s mobile asset. All provisions of the Terms of Service and their nature should survive termination, including, but not limited to, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability.

【Representations and Warranties】

Users state and guarantee:

  • the terms of this service purposes , the user is the owner of mobile asset , the user specifies the use of the service , or the user has the legal authority action on behalf of all of the assets , and
  • The user has all the necessary rights, power and authority to sign the Terms of Service, and implement the following user behavior. User further states and guarantees to the Company , all material assets of every mobile asset and displays in the asset:
    1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules.
    2. Without prejudice nor breach of any obligation or right to any person or entity , including, but not limited to intellectual property rights , rights of publicity or privacy , or on the basis of consumer protection , product liability , right or obligation tort, or contract theories ; and
    3. Non- related content hatred.


Any rights of any party in any respect is not exercised under the present terms of service provision , and shall not be deemed to be under the terms of this service item in any other waiver . The company liable for any failure to fulfill its obligations under the terms of this service, which is not the result of non- fulfillment of the Company’s reasonable control any responsibility.

If any provision of the Terms of Service to be unenforceable or invalid determination of these provisions will be limited to the minimum necessary or for deletion , so that the terms of service still has sufficient validity and enforceability . Except with the prior written consent of the Company acquired , otherwise the user may not assign, transfer or sublicense the Terms of Service . Terms of Service subject to the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court and according to its interpretation , except the conflict of laws.

Both sides agreed to the terms of service integrity , mutual understanding exclusive statement and replace and cancel all previous written and oral agreements , communications and other services related to the terms of the understanding , all changes must be approved by a written document signed by both parties , and another except for the provisions . No provision of this service to create agency, partnership, joint venture or hiring , users do not have any form of authority to bind the company in any aspect of any transaction.