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Hong Kong

Want more foot traffic?

Location based Push ads target only potential customers near your location. Relevant promo ads can drive more foot traffic to your place.

Want everyone around you to know your promotion?

Your timely promotion will be delivered to users around you.

Don't have much budget?

$1000 minimum deposit, you can set daily budget, easily manage your campaign.

  • Affordable fees

    Set daily maximum budget, little fee but show your ads to thousands people.

  • Precise targeting

    Location based Push ads can precisely deliver your ads to your target audience.

  • Creative templates

    AdLocus provides you creative templates, you don’t need to know how to design your ads!

Satisfy different industry timely needs

  • Food and beverage

    Food tasting event/ fresh bakery…etc

  • Clothing

    New product arrival/ past session sales/ other promotion

  • Realtor

    Sell house/ Open house/ Furniture sales

  • Travel

    Car show/ Flight deals/ Package combo

  • Education

    Book fair/ School tour

  • Entertainment

    Amusement park ticket/ Concert ticket/ Exhibition ticket/ New movie promotion/ Boutique counter promotion

Ads interaction

  • Official URL landing page

    Land on event page, Facebook fan page, blog…

  • Phone call

    Click on ads to call

  • Show map

    Display current location and show route to desired location.